Portfolio.txt - Notepad


date: 12-2017
place: Utrecht


This is an installation I made for a school project. The assignment was to create something with recursions. I got inspired by speakers, I had worked with speakers before, and was fascinated by the mechanical part, like a solenoid. I made the surface of the speaker conductive, with aluminum tape. errorI created a very simple system where, when a metal object touches the conductive surface of the speaker, a circuit is made complete (like a button being pushed), which give the speaker a high voltage. This will make the speaker cone move up. When the metal object is not touching the speaker, the speaker cone will be low again. The fun part is, that the metal object hangs from a spingy thread JUST above the conductive surface of the speaker, which means that when they make contact, the speaker will push the object off of the conductive surface, breaking the connection. Because the metal object is hanging from a spring it will bounce back on the conductive surface, and the speaker pushes it off again by going up, therefor a recursive systhem, that theoretically should go on till the battery is drained. The sound you hear is a very inconsitent ticking, comming from 3 different speakers.


date: 09-2017
place: Amsterdam

Kinetic Composition, made with two speakers (one subwoofer, playing the mallet, one tweeter, covered in a balloon) some percussion (as visable) and a microphone.